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Popular YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, 28, has more than 10 million subscribers on Youtube, which has made him millions of dollars. Vitaly's pranks are hilarious.

Vitaly was arrested on April 12, 2020 in Miami, FL after police said he tackled a woman who was out for a jog, straddled her, and punched her repeatedly in the face and chest.

The victim told Vitaly to leave her alone as he approached her. When he began to strike her, she called for help. Vitaly appeared to be under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly attacked the woman.

The woman sustained a cut above her eye that needed stitches.

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The woman stated that she began to desperately scream for help which summoned several people to the scene, some witnessing the attack on her. The victim stated that she believes she was able to escape the vicious attack on her person because of so many people arriving on scene, causing the defendant to retreat back into a home.

Vitaly was arrested and faces an aggravated battery charge. It is unclear if the alleged attack was another one of Vitaly's pranks. Going to jail is nothing new for Vitaly, he has been arrested around the world for naked streaking the World Cup and other major sporting events.

During the NBA Finals he ran across an NBA basketball court with his shirt off, he had writing on his bare back and chest that said "Trump Sucks".