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Who enjoys bugs in their food at a restaurant, nobody!

The Ming Fu Chinese and Sushi restaurant scored a terrible 84.5 B during a July 28, 2020 food safety inspection. Ming Fu is located at 8139 Kensington Dr. Waxhaw, NC. Many millionaires live in Waxhaw.

The health inspector observed a flying insect in raw chicken at 45F in the walk-in cooler. The manager discarded the bin of raw chicken during the inspection.

There was a bin of cooked egg rolls stored inside a bin of raw chicken in the reach-in cooler. Raw animal foods and ready to eat foods are supposed to be separated to protect from cross contamination.

Also there were several containers of food that were not covered in the prep reach-in cooler, the sushi reach-in cooler, the two door reach-in cooler, the walk-in cooler, the walk-in freezer, and the spice rack beside the cook-line. All foods are supposed to be covered.

There were several foods being held at unsafe temperatures in the freezer above 41F and the foods had to be discarded, they were: cooked rice, noodles, fried chicken, cabbage, and dumplings.

During the inspection the inspector noticed sprouts, 4 bins of raw chicken, and raw shrimp above 41 F in the walk-in cooler and prep-top cooler. Foods are supposed to be cooled at 41F or below, so the manager discarded the sprouts, raw chicken, and raw shrimp during the inspection.

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There are plenty of Asian cuisine intensive restaurants that have did horrible during inspections.

The Wang & King Asian Cafe located at 10720 S Tryon St Charlotte, NC scored a 86 B during a inspection.

The River Buffet & Grill on 8215 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC got a horrible inspection score of 88 in 2019.

The Pho Real Vietnamese restaurant located at 440 E McCullough Dr. Charlotte, NC scored a 87 health inspection due to an employee touching bloody trash and then returning to touch food without washing his hands.

The China Buffet located at 8630 University Executive Park Dr. Charlotte, NC received a horrendous 87 health inspection score last year.

A Cottage Chinese restaurant in Charlotte received a 83 health score after they had roaches in the kitchen during a 2019 inspection.

A Panda's Den Chinese Restaurant earned a terrible 77 C score during a May 2020 health inspection.