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Everyone has bad days, but nothing spells out a bad day more than when you get arrested.

The bodacious babes seen here were arrested for alleged offenses of all kinds.

So who would win a Miss Jail House 2018 contest? Maybe there could be a beauty pageant where dresses can be made from jail jumpsuit garb. We will let you decide.

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It is confirmed that upon being released, many inmates throw away the clothes and shoes that they were arrested in.

Lets face it, jail sucks and it can have a lasting affect on people, no one wants to live with that memory, so throwing away the mentioned clothes actually makes sense.

Many have described jail as a place you don't want to be. Some inmates are homeless, hence they stink in jail processing. Also, in jail you are told by guards what to do and when to do it.

More astonishingly inmates are tasked with preparing and serving the disgusting jail food. Sources say that some inmates don't even wear hair nets.

If you are thinking about doing something naughty on New Years Eve, think twice, because you probably don't want to end up eating in the jail house cafe.