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Tiaundra Christon, 23, killed her 2-year-old daughter and then threw the girl's body into a bayou. Tiaundra even used a life-sized doll to hide the girl’s death. In December 2020 Tiaundra was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The dead 2-year-old girl is identified as Hazana Anderson.

It all started in College Station, Texas in October 2018. Hazana's little body was pulled from bayou waters, Hazana had been dead in the water for 12 days.

On October 28, 2018 Tiaundra reported that her daughter Hazana had vanished after being left unattended in her stroller.

But the real story is that Tiaundra had beat her daughter to death with a belt because the girl would not stop crying. Her felonious boyfriend Kenny Hewett even helped beat the young girl. Hazana began slipping in and out of consciousness. Hazana eventually died, and Tiaundra ran the girl's face under a bathtub faucet to help her wake up. After that didn't work the mother then ran a hair blow dryer over Hazana's skin to the point that the girl's skin began to burn.

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Realizing that her daughter was dead, Tiaundra threw Hazana in a trash bag with a life sized doll and then in a bayou. Tiaundra then lied to police about Hazana suddenly vanishing.

It took police divers 12 days to find Hazana in the bayou dead and cold to the touch.

Kenny, the boyfriend got several years in prison too.