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An 87 B is what the Monterrey Mexican restaurant scored on a July 28, 2021 food safety inspection, the restaurant temporarily closed due to unsafe food temperatures. The restaurant is located at 9623 Independence Blvd. Matthews, NC.  

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The Monterrey Mexican restaurant agreed to close for business until all of their refrigeration coolers and equipment is functioning properly. All the food checked in the bottom of the flip top cooler, low boy drawer cooler, and large 2 door reach-in cooler were at unsafe temperatures above 41F.  

In fact there were multiple foods that were above 41F in the mentioned cooling equipment, the inspector saw to it that the food was discarded. 

The cheese dip and spinach dip were hot holding below temperature. 

There was no certified food protection manager present at Monterrey Mexican restaurant during the food inspection.

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The Pico de gallo, cooked vegetables, cooked pork, and other various foods through the kitchen had no date marking.

A Monterrey Mexican restaurant employee was seen washing dirty dishes and then attempting to put food in a container without washing their hands. 

Ready to eat mushrooms and pineapples were observed below raw chicken in a reach in cooler. The products had to be rearranged to prevent the raw chicken from contaminating the foods below it. 

Multiple pans were seen with old food debris on them, but the restaurant had the pans deemed as clean. The inspector had the pans rewashed. 

The Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant located at 5111 Central Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina received a devastating 76.50 in the year 2019. 

And on September 10, 2020 the same Santa Fe restaurant got an 89.50 health score during an inspection.