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The Morazan Restaurant earned a nasty 87 B score during a food safety inspection on September 23, 2020. The Morazan Restaurant is located at 5421 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

For starters, the restaurant had a live cockroach and several egg cases inside the building, yuck!! Tamales had to be thrown away because they were not cooling properly.

The dish machine was not reaching the proper temperature for sanitizing, also one of the prep units was not maintaining a cold enough temperature. A thermometer was missing in the same prep unit.

Chicken tacos, tamales, and pastelis were all labeled improperly. Salsa was being cold held at 61 degrees, which is 20 degrees out of temperature. Cold food is supposed to be held at 41 degrees or less.

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There was no certified food protection manager on site at time of inspection.

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