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Motel 6 is no 5 star luxury hotel, not even close.

But even 5 star luxury restaurants like Eddie V's Prime Seafood get 83.50 scores.

The Motel 6 on 1111 West Sugar Creek Rd Charlotte, NC received a whopping 88 health and sanitation score. Some violations included sheets and mattress covers with holes/stains along with new linens and pillows stored on the floor.

Even worse The Santa Fe Mexican Restaurant had flies in the kitchen, expired food, and food on the floor with a score of 76.50, "Aye Papiiiiiiii"

The Motel 6 inspection was conducted on July 26, 2019. For starters the microwaves and refrigerators in a few rooms had buildup and residue. There was also a buildup in the ice machine chute.

The inspector observed a stained ceiling in room 221 and in the 2nd floor hallway. Several ceiling tiles had been spray painted, and discoloration was still showing through. The wooden desks in several rooms were in disrepair and the raw wood was exposed.

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There was also wall damage in room 221. The air filters had dust buildup in rooms 106 & 204.

There were stains and/or holes in the bedding, sheets, mattress covers, comforters, pillows, etc.

The inspection discovered that there were new linen and pillows stored on the floor in the 3rd floor storage room.

There were also mattresses behind the dumpster that should of been discarded. Law requires that the premises shall be kept free of litter and items unnecessary to the operation or maintenance of the lodging establishment, such as equipment that is nonfunctional or no longer used.

So, would you want to book a room at this Motel 6?

Dead roaches were found in the liquor room at the Ink N Ivy restaurant during a 2019 inspection.

A Wendy's fast food location received a 86.50 score, they had flies and ants in the restaurant.