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31-year-old Azuradee France is accused of murdering her son Chase Allen, 3, in Detroit, Michigan on June 24, 2022.

Azuradee France and Chase Allen

Azuradee France and Chase Allen

Azuradee lived in a home with 6 children. Family grew concerned after not seeing Chase for months. Azuradee said that Chase was living with relatives in another city. But family didn't believe the information, and proceeded to call police and Child Protective Services.

Officials arrived at Azuradee's home, where the mother was apprehensive. The home was in bad sanitary condition, and the kids were living in an unfit environment.

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A search of the home was conducted and Chase was found dead and decomposed in the freezer within the basement. 5 other kids lived in the house between the ages of 3-months-old and 9-years-old. The kids were all taken into DSS custody. 

Azuradee is charged with first degree murder, child abuse and torture, and concealing the death of an individual. It isn’t clear how or when Chase was killed.