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In today's world men are usually the ones ordered to pay child support, but in this story a mother was court ordered to pay child support.

42-year-old Lachina Hughes is the mother of two kids ages 11 & 12 in Charlotte, NC.

Lachina was arrested for failure to pay child support and failure to appear at a child support court hearing.

Lachina was in arrears of $1372.50 in back child support. 

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Lachina was court ordered to pay $110 per month in child support, but she failed to pay it, even though she has a job at Bargain Hunt, which is a discount store company. 

Kelvin Cornelius is the father of the two kids. Kelvin is a truck driver that makes 4520.52 per month compared to Lachina's $1255 per month. 

Documents state that the kids tend to do better in school in the custody of Kelvin. However, one of the children is a honor roll student. James Garvin, the principal at one of the schools the kids attend even testified in court at one of the hearings. 

The presiding judge over the case ruled that Lachina failed to show up for court and failed to make child support payments, hence an order for Lachina's arrest was executed.