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Jenee Pedesclaux, 32, is charged with murdering her daughter 3-year-old Paris Roberts and stabbing her son 2-year-old Jay’Ceon Roberts on August 7, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jenee Pedesclaux and Paris Roberts

Jenee Pedesclaux and Paris Roberts

Jenee is accused of stabbing her two children several times around 11 a.m. Jenee was in a bitter custody dispute with the children's father. Upon the stabbing, Jenee then posted a video to Instagram that showed her in a blood stained shirt crying. In the video, Jenee said,

"I am done, my children are dead. I'm done with life"

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The children's father was then alerted about the video and rushed to the scene in his truck. Once at Jenee's home, the father broke a window to get inside the house; he grabbed Jay'Ceon and Paris. Paris was having trouble walking due to the loss of blood and damaging stab wounds.

The father rushed his kids to the hospital. Unfortunately Paris died at the hospital. Jay'Ceon is in critical condition.

Jenee was booked on charges of second degree murder, attempted second degree murder, and second degree cruelty to a juvenile.

Prior to the murder, the children’s father was seeking joint custody and he argued that Jenee was not stable or providing a healthy environment for the kids.