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On July 7, 2021 Niyah Durham, 23, was found dead in Charlotte, NC. Niyah was in a motel in the University area. Niyah went to sleep and never woke up. Niyah was a mother with a young son. Her son was unharmed.

Niyah Durham

Niyah Durham

Friends say that Niyah had a beautiful singing voice. Niyah did not have life insurance, and funeral expenses will likely be paid out of pocket. A fundraiser was raised for Niyah upon her death. 

No foul play is suspected at the moment regarding Niyah's death. Niyah is a former student of Harding High School. Niyah has family in Colorado.

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Niyah was arrested in 2020 in relation to a shooting at the intersection of West Sugar Creek Road and North Tryon Street.

Niyah was featured in a too pretty for jail publication also.