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27-year-old Kendal Crank died on March 28, 2019 during a violent shootout between 3 men in Charlotte, NC. Tychicus Dobie, 22, Adonis Smith, 17, and Marquis Smith, 24, have now been charged in Kendal's murder. Kendal has a loving son and daughter that will never see her again.

Kendal Crank, Tychicus Dobie, Adonis Smith, and Marquis Smith

Kendal Crank, Tychicus Dobie, Adonis Smith, and Marquis Smith

If you have kids hug them right now, kiss them and tell them that you love them, don't wait to do it.

On the day of Kendal's murder Tychicus and Adonis got into a shootout on East 28th Street. Kendal was driving her vehicle with her kids inside when she was inadvertently hit by crossfire during the shootout. Kendal was not a intended target. Upon being hit Kendal then crashed the vehicle and was pronounced deceased. Kendal's kids were on scene during the incident.

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Multiple 911 calls were placed for the same location stating that Kendal was shot dead.

There is no word on if Kendal's kids were injured.

The suspects in this offense fled prior to police arrival.

At 5:40 p.m., a male victim walked into CMC-Main Hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his arm. He was likely struck by gunfire during the incident.

Tychicus and Adonis are both charged with murder and shooting into a vehicle.