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On June 4, 2019 a child was heard screaming in Miami, Florida. Claudia Maldonado-Vasquez, 24, is the child's mother, she was arrested for child neglect. Claudia also tested positive for cocaine.

The child was left alone in the home, which did not have air conditioning, had bars on the windows and had nails on the door preventing the door from opening from the inside.

Police in Miami entered the premises and noticed there was no telephone, no drinking water and no food to eat. There was nothing in the refrigerator, which gave off a foul odor, other than expired milk.

The house was hot, with no air conditioning, no windows open, no access to ventilation, had empty beer bottles and cigarette butts on the floor. The child was taken into care by the Department of Children & Families.

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Upon the incident, the child's mother Claudia was arrested during a traffic stop, Claudia told officers she works nights and had left the boy in the care of her cousin. Claudia says her cousin was supposed to drop the boy off in the morning but she had overslept and missed her cousin’s calls.

Claudia was drug tested and she tested positive for cocaine.