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31-year-old Kayla Hammonds was stabbed to death on November 21, 2022 inside of a Food Lion in Lumberton, NC. Kayla's ex boyfriend Desmond Sampson, 37, was arrested and charged with her murder.

Desmond Sampson and Kayla Hammonds

Desmond Sampson and Kayla Hammonds

Kayla was inside a Food Lion on November 21st when a suspect barged into the grocery store and stabbed Kayla to death. Customers and employees were left frightened.

Kayla screamed and blood was leaking onto shelving and the floors. Kayla died on the scene. Desmond was arrested and charged with murder.

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Kayla has filed several orders of protection in the past two years against Desmond, most recently in October 2022.

Kayla and Desmond had a past relationship. Most of the restraining orders were dismissed due to Kayla not showing up to court.

Kayla alleged in the restraining orders that Desmond threatened to kill her multiple times, threw bricks at her windows, and flattened her car tires; along with assault and battery and sexual assault. Kayla claimed that Desmond made social media postings of Kayla naked and her medical records.

Desmond also allegedly made threats to slit Kayla's throat. Kayla leaves behind children and a loving family.