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35-year-old Antwone Smith was caught with $888,050 in cash on June 24, 2021. The large cash seizure was near Anahuac, Texas.

Antwone Smith

Antwone Smith

Antwone was driving a pick-up truck on a highway when a deputy with the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Unit observed Antwone allegedly commit a traffic violation. 

More than $900,000 in cash was discovered during a traffic stop on Independence Blvd. in Monroe, NC.  

A deputy then subsequently conducted a traffic stop.

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Antwone is from South Carolina and deputies conducted a roadside investigation which led them to believe that a crime may be occurring. 

Deputies requested that a K-9 respond to the scene. The K-9 arrived on scene and gave a positive alert for the truck. A probable cause search of the truck was conducted which resulted in two large black bags containing $888,050.00 in U.S. dollars being located.

A records check indicated that Antwone had prior convictions for narcotics violations. Texas police say they believed that the cash found inside the truck were the proceeds from the illegal sale and distribution of narcotics.

Antwone was arrested and charged with money laundering greater than $300,000.

$1 million dollars was found inside a car by Border Protection officers.