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The New Asian Cuisine restaurant earned a very bad 89 B score during a health inspection on December 18, 2019.

New Asian Cuisine is located at 7114 Brighton Park Drive Mint Hill, NC. Per the inspection there is a big fat ugly 89 health score on the wall of New Asian Cuisine.

During the inspection the manager had to be educated on hand washing. Several employee drinks were being stored next to the grill and prep areas with active prep going on. Employee drinks are supposed to be covered and stored to prevent contamination of food or utensils.

The inspector observed very little hand washing among the employees of New Asian Cuisine during the duration of the inspection. Things were so bad that employees were seen handling soiled dishes then plating food for customers.

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New Asian Cuisine employees were also seen handling soiled dishes then proceeding to stack clean dishes, and donning gloves without washing hands prior to these activities. The inspector ordered employees to re-wash hands and the inspector had to educate the manager on training for hand washing. Keep in mind this is a repeat violation at New Asian Cuisine.

A stack of dishes beside the prep line that were deemed clean had grease and food accumulation. The inspector had the dishes sent to the dish washer to be re-washed.

There was raw chicken sitting out on the prep counter not being used for an extended period of time at 51F. Raw and uncooked food is supposed to be stored at less than 51F.

Raw chicken wings were observed in an uncovered container above a large batch of spring rolls in the walk-in cooler. The inspector had the wings moved. This is also a repeat violation.

New Asian Cuisine wait staff employees were seen plating food, preparing lettuce wraps, and dispensing soup with no hair restraint. Once again this is a repeat violation at New Asian Cuisine.