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It has been a mystery as to how Shanquella Robinson, 25, ended up dead in Cabo, Mexico while she was on vacation with several friends. Now, new video shows a naked and defenseless Shanquella being physically assaulted in a motel room. Shanquella is originally from Charlotte, NC and she was found dead On October 30, 2022.

Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella Robinson

Autopsy results show Shanquella had a cracked spine and a broken neck. But Mexican authorities never pursued criminal charges on anyone.

Shanquella was on vacation with several of her friends in Cabo. The group was partying and drinking having a good time. New video shows a woman punching, hitting, and slamming Shanquella to the ground while on vacation in Mexico.

 There is no word on what led to the fight. It starts with men and women recording just watching the woman attack Shanquella. The naked and defenseless Shanquella is slammed to the ground by the woman during the attack. A man video recording the assault says,

 "Quella can you at least fight back, do something."

The female attacker then yells for Shanquella to get up. The attacker then says,

"I'm tired of your shit!!"

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The video then cuts off. In less than 24 hours, Shanquella mysteriously ended up dead at the motel.

Shanquella's friends called her family to tell Shanquella's mother that Shanquella was dead. Shanquella's friends initially said that she died from alcohol poisoning. Another friend had a different story, according to the family.

Shanquella's family says that all of her friends on the trip had a different story as to how Shanquella died. But none of Shanquella's friends mentioned anything about her being attacked naked on video.

Shanquella's friends later made it back to the United States while Shanquella's dead body was still in Mexico.

A cause of death has not been ruled yet. Autopsy results say that Shanquella had a broken neck and a cracked spine at the time of her death. Mexican police have not filed any charges in this case, saying that they do not believe any foul play took place.

Shanquella's family had to pay $6,000 to get her body flown back to the United States. Her family says she was beat to death. Shanquella's autopsy further shows that her death had nothing to do with alcohol poisoning.

Shanquella formerly attended West Charlotte High School and she went on to attend Winston Salem State University, both schools are in North Carolina.

Shanquella was the owner of a hair braiding business that was popular with kid braiding. Shanquella also owned a women's clothing boutique store.