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41-year-old Curtis Atkinson does not have to worry about the death penalty. On February 10, 2022 prosecutors decided they will not pursue the death penalty against Curtis. He is accused of murdering his parents identified as Ruby and Curtis Atkinson Sr. in Charlotte, NC. Nikkia Cooper helped kill the married couple, Nikkia has since pleaded guilty.

Curtis Atkinson and Nikkia Cooper

Curtis Atkinson and Nikkia Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were shot and killed in April 2017 on Glenncannon Drive inside their home. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were beaten and stabbed also. Curtis and Nikkia were then accused of setting the house on fire, while also kidnapping Arieyana Forney who was just 11 years old at the time.

Mrs. Atkinson was shot in her neck and the head, she had 17 stab wounds to her upper body. Mr. Atkinson had 69 stab wounds and broken teeth.

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The suspects were finally arrested in Washington, D.C. on the same day, Arieyana was found. In 2019 Nikkia pled guilty to 2 counts of second degree murder.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney prosecutors say that a death penalty trial for Curtis will take too long to complete. The reason being mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic delaying court cases, protocol, and processes.

In fact, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is now a years long backlog of cases at the Mecklenburg county court. Prosecutors believe faster justice can be issued if they pursue a prison sentenced against Curtis.