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Nordstrom is a high-end store known for designer purses and clothes.

Mirium Fennell, 25, found herself on the low-end of the law after she was arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $1,200 from the Nordstrom located in South Park Mall. Mirium was an employee of Nordstrom.


Now she will be wearing a designer jail jump suit unless she can afford bail. Do jail jump suits come in different colors?

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On September 6, police were contacted by loss prevention management at Nordstrom. Management stated that Mirium had fraudulently obtained $1,160.38 from the business during her employment.

It is reported that Mirium was returning merchandise that belonged to Nordstrom and then transferring the funds onto gift cards that she kept for herself.

Mirium was arrested in Norstrom and led away in cuffs in front of shocked customers.