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On March 27, 2020 North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper ordered people in the state of North Carolina to stay at home for thirty days, until April 29, 2020.

The executive order will start on March 30, 2020. This is yet another step to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. The Executive Order also reduces the size of gatherings to 10 people. The executive order provides for essential businesses to continue to operate while prioritizing social distancing measures. The executive order has the force of law and will be enforced in all 100 counties statewide.

Millions of Americans will now get a $1200 check or direct deposit because the Coronavirus has allowed a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill to pass.

The executive order directs people to stay at home except to visit essential businesses, to exercise outdoors or to help a family member. Specifically, the order bans gatherings of more than 10 people and directs everyone to physically stay at least six feet apart from others.

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Governor Cooper says:

“To continue our aggressive battle against COVID-19, I have signed a Stay at Home Order for the entire state of North Carolina. Though it is difficult we must do this to slow the disease spread. We need our medical system to be able to care for the friends and family we know will become seriously ill from the virus.”

3 people in North Carolinian have died due to the Coronavirus, the state has 763 confirmed cases of the virus in 60 counties. North Carolina is now considered to have widespread transmission of the Coronavirus.

On March 26 a 'Stay at home' order was issued for Mecklenburg County and Charlotte, NC.