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A former nursing assistant accused of sexually assaulting his female patients has been arrested.

On September 16, 2019 Falo Kane, 32, was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery stemming from allegations that he inappropriately touched several women under his care during a three-year period in or around Clearwater, FL.

Falo worked at several healthcare facilities where he’d target older women, according to Florida police.

Clearwater police said the first incident occurred in May 2016 at Comprehensive Health Care Facility. While changing the adult diaper of a disabled stroke patient, Falo forcefully kissed her and then sexually battered her, police said.

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Falo continued assaulting patients well into 2019, according to police. Falo allegedly sexually battered one woman while bathing her at Advanced Care Center in Florida.

Falo also allegedly assaulted a woman who was using a wheelchair on March 25, 2019 at Glen Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center in Florida.

It was not made clear how police learned of the incidents.

Falo allegedly confessed after being arrested, his complaint affidavit says. Falo also mentioned having a fetish for older women and writing an apology letter to them, police said.

Hospital officials suspended Falo due to a patient’s complaint but admitted they had no idea about his arrest.