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27-year-old Mye Johnson was murdered in a violent triple shooting on her birthday. Mye was shot and killed on December 23, 2021 in Queens, NY. Mye was a NYPD school safety agent.

Mye Johnson

Mye Johnson

Mye was celebrating her birthday at a club with her boyfriend and sister. All three were having a good time. One of Mye's ex-boyfriends tried to get into the club, but was rejected by a bouncer because the ex had a gun.

The ex-boyfriend then reportedly waited for Mye and her company to exit the club hours later at 4 a.m. The ex-boyfriend confronted the group and he got into a verbal altercation with Mye's current boyfriend.

The ex then shot Mye's current boyfriend. Additionally, the suspect shot Mye and her sister. The suspect then fled the scene. 

All 3 victims were rushed to the hospital. Mye died moments later. The other 2 victims survived but have serious injuries.

Mye is the mother of a 7-year-old boy. The suspect has not been arrested yet.

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