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The Panda's Den Chinese Restaurant earned a terrible 77 C score during a May 29, 2020 health inspection. The restaurant is located at 5724 Wast W.T. Harris Blvd. The Panda's Den voluntarily closed due to malfunctioning cold holding equipment.

The health inspector observed an employee handle dirty soiled equipment and utensils without washing hands and then handling clean utensils. There were also several employees that handled soiled equipment, touched door handles, touched trash, and then touched ready to eat foods without washing their hands.

The following foods were in the walk-in refrigerator at an unsafe temperature and had to be thrown away immediately: chicken wings, kimchi, noodles, pork, rice, dumplings, tofu, cream cheese, boiled eggs, dark meat chicken, white meat chicken, egg rolls, spring rolls, raw chicken, raw pork, and raw eggs. This caused the Panda's Den to close until the walk-in temperatures could be fixed.

The person in charge at the start of the inspection was unable to provide documentation of being certified in a food protection managers course. The manager that did have documentation of being certified in a food protection managers course arrived late into the inspection. The manager was unable to discuss an employee health policy.

The manager was unable to discuss any food borne illnesses and symptoms that would exclude or restrict employees from working in the restaurant.

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There were several employee drinks stored with clean utensils and dry goods.

During the inspection there was no soap at the hand sink, the sink also lacked the proper temperature for hot water. Hence employees were washing their hands without soap. Also, the dishwasher was functioning with 0% sanitizer.

Several utensils and metal containers were stored as clean, but had food debris left on them.

There were several employees preparing foods with long hair on their head without a proper head cover.


There are a number of other Asian cuisine that performed poorly on health inspections too.