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A Panera Bread location in Charlotte, NC scored a dismal 88.50 B on a food safety inspection on June 9, 2022 and had to temporarily close. The Panera Bread in question is located at 8152 South Tryon Street.

A roach was found at this Panera Bread location

A roach was found at this Panera Bread location

The Panera Bread had no hot water in the facility. The water was running at 74F, state law requires the hot water to be at 100F. This Panera Bread location had been operating since June 8, 2022 at 6PM with no hot water.

The restaurant had to temporarily close due to the hot water issue during the inspection. The hot water problem was due to the hot water heater not working. Hence, dishes can not be washed properly or safely.

So lets talk about the roach that was found inside Panera Bread. The inspector saw the body of a cockroach in the trash bag the staff was taking to throw out. The manager said they get roaches from the water lines.

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The inspector observed unwashed limes and unwashed pineapples over ready to eat lettuce and pickles.

The dish machine did not work and all the dishes were piled up to not allow the use of the 3 comp sink. The hot water wasn't working so Panera Bread employees couldn't use the three comp sink for washing either. 

The prep cooler was not working at the line, the food in it had to be discarded as it was cooling above 41F at unsafe temperatures.

Cream cheese, melon, and yogurt had to be thrown away. The air conditioning on the line was not working.