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An 89 grade during a health inspection is bad! The Papa Johns pizza restaurant at 9335 North Tryon St Charlotte, NC received an 89 grade during a health inspection on March 5, 2020.

For starters no one likes flies on or around their pizza, the Papa Johns location had several gnats and flies near the can wash and back prep areas during the inspection. Papa Johns was ordered to remove the pest from the prep areas.

The inspector observed expired marinara sauce during the inspection.

A Papa Johns food employee was prepping green peppers with their bare hands, the employee was then made to put on gloves and re-wash the peppers. The green pepper fiasco resulted in a deduction of -3 points.

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State law says that dented cans can not be serviced due to possible botulism presence. During the Papa Johns inspection there was a heavily dented can stored with other service cans. Botulism is dangerous and can lead to death.

There was also a soiled/dirty slicer and can opener stored as cleaned.

A Papa Johns employee had on rings while prepping foods.

During the inspection an employee beverage was observed stored above ready to eat foods in the walk in cooler.

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