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On April 1, 2020 a Mecklenburg County paramedic tested positive for Coronavirus in Charlotte, NC. This is not a April Fools joke, Coronavirus is real and the virus is killing doctors, celebrities, and others all around the world.

Mecklenburg EMS said it has tested six employees who had symptoms of the Coronavirus, but only one paramedic has tested positive.

On March 29, 2020 the infected paramedic called Mecklenburg EMS to report they had Coronavirus symptoms. Officials say the infected employee took the test on Monday and results came back on April 1 that showed they had the virus.

MEDIC officials say:

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“The individual did not transport a COVID-19 positive patient. However, they’ve been in and out of the hospital systems, that have had many high-risk situations”

There are typically two paramedics that work inside each ambulance. Medic says they have enough N-95 masks and gowns to last them for a couple of weeks, but more will be needed in the coming weeks.

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