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A Florida Senior Pastor was arrested on rape charges involving a 14-year-old girl

Pastor Bryan Fulwider killed himself on October 28, 2019. He was the former Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church of Winter Park in Florida. Pastor Fulwider was arrested in early October 2019 on charges that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl for years.

Pastor Fulwider was also a radio host.

A relative called 911 on Sunday evening October 28 to report that she had received a text from Pastor Fulwider, the text said:

"Please call the Altamonte Springs Police Department to report my death. Tell them that the door is unlocked. Also, check your email in a bit. I love you very much. I'm so sorry for everything. Love, Dad."

The alleged incidents happened from 2005 to 2010 while Pastor Fulwider was the senior pastor at First Congregational Church of Winter Park.

The first incident allegedly took place in Pastor Fulwider's church office and led to Pastor Fulwider and the girl having sex well over 100 times in various parking lots, hotels, and during church trips.

Investigators said Pastor Fulwider bought the girl a burner phone so he could speak with her secretly.

Pastor Fulwider faced 30 counts of sexual battery of a person younger than 18 by a person in position of custodial authority.

The medical examiner will confirm Pastor Fulwider's cause of death.

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I am beginning to think Pastors and teachers are some of the nastiest people and some of the most sexually disturbed people. This is why I do not fuck with church at all. The same people you believe are righteous and of God be the same ones that will rape you and your kids. Something has got to change with these Teachers and Pastors. It should be a requirement that all Teachers and Pastors that is working with or have contact with children should take a lie detector test prior to employment. This shit is getting all the way out of hand.