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Rashan Wilson, 35, is the senior pastor of Southside Impact Church in Charleston. Pastor Wilson was arrested for "the laying on of hands", just not in a biblical way.

The alleged assault happened last week at the church when a woman went there to drop off two children she and Pastor Wilson have together.

The victim is pregnant, although we can't confirm if Pastor Wilson is the father.

At some point the two got into an argument. Pastor Wilson then choked the victim, charges state. The woman went faint and fell, hitting her head on the ground.

The woman suffered an abrasion to her forehead. The victim called 911 after regaining consciousness. She was treated at an area hospital and released.

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Witness accounts from the scene describe the victim as, "disoriented, leaning, limping, forehead bleeding, sand and leaves in her hair."

Whoever thought 'baby mama drama' would make its way to the church.

Pastor Wilson was arrested on a charge of domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

The pastor's attorney David Aylor claims his client is innocent:

"He's not only a client, he's a friend," Aylor said. "What so far has been reported would be a horrendous example of domestic violence; however, when the true facts come out, we believe that Pastor Wilson will be exonerated of any criminal act as he looks forward to returning to his church and the community that he has diligently served and will continue to."