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Marita Harrell, 57, is the senior pastor of the Connections at Metropolitan church in Atlanta, GA. Pastor Marita was murdered on May 18, 2022 in Atlanta. Christopher Griggs is charged with Pastor Marita's murder.

Marita Harrell and Christopher Griggs

Marita Harrell and Christopher Griggs

Christopher had just been recently released from prison. Pastor Marita was counseling and ministering to Christopher, attempting to steer him in the right direction. The pastor's husband told her not to deal with newly released inmates, specifically Christopher Griggs.

Pastor Sylvia Morales, 54, was killed in a head on vehicle collision in Charlotte, NC. 

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But, on May 18, 2022 Pastor Marita met with Christopher to counsel him. Christopher is accused of stabbing Pastor Marita to death on Panola Road in Atlanta. 

Christopher is then accused of putting the pastor's dead body in a van and driving to a wooded area. Authorities say the suspect then set the van on fire with Pastor Marita  inside. 

After not hearing from Pastor Marita that night, her husband tracked her phone to the wooded area where he saw the burning van. Emergency officials arrived and pronounced Pastor Marita dead on scene.

Christopher was arrested and charged with malice murder and first degree arson.