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Pho Real Vietnamese restaurant located at 440 E McCullough Dr. Charlotte, NC scored a 87 health inspection on September 3, 2019. This isn't the first time Pho Real has scored poorly, they got a 83.50 score in 2014, more on that later.

Things got so bad in the 2019 inspection that an employee was observed taking a bloody beef cardboard container outside, come inside touch trash, and then go to prep cabbage-- all without washing their hands.

This isn't a joke, this is 'for real'. Food borne illnesses are 'for real', so the Pho Real restaurant needs to get it together.

The inspection noted fruit flies and other flying insects in the kitchen area. The kitchen at Pho Real was very dirty and in need of a good cleaning!!

There was no certified food protection manager on site during the health inspection. A Pho Real employee touched beef bones, steaks, and vegetables with bare hands to check the temperature. The inspector made the employee put on gloves.

An employee was also seen washing their hands with no soap.

An American Deli restaurant received a 86 health score in August 2019.

At Pho Real raw beef was stored on ready to eat wontons. The cooking equipment such as the grill and shelving were heavily stained with grease and in need of cleaning.

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The ice machine had black build up on the inside. The microwave was dirty inside and out. There were also two dirty scoops that were being stored as clean. The inspector noticed clean utensils that were being stored against a dirty wall.

Cups, sriacha, and soy sauce in boxes were stored on the floor.


No hand soap at the kitchen hand sink. Raw chicken was stored on top of ice cream inside the reach in cooler.

Dirty metal strainers with food debris were stored as clean. There was a presence of fruit flies in the kitchen. Containers of sauce and a bag of onions were stored on the floor. The walls behind the sinks were dirty and needed to be cleaned.

The Ink N Ivy restaurant had roaches in their liquor room in January 2019 and scored a 78 in the same inspection.

The Sante Fe Mexican restaurant received a 76.50 health score in July 2019.

A Bojangles restaurant received a 88 score in August 2019.