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On July 6, 2022 a high speed chase and helicopter pursuit went through several parts of Charlotte, NC prompting the male suspect to carjack several vehicles once the other ones wrecked or ran out of gas. The suspect even stole one woman's car at Walmart.

The chase started around 11 a.m. when the suspect was accused of breaking in a home and stealing a jeep. Officers initiated a traffic stop, but the suspect kept driving. The suspect later switched vehicles into a white truck.

The chase then made its way to Interstate 77 near Clanton Road in south Charlotte. That is when the truck pulled into the Walmart on South Tryon Street, the suspect jumped out and carjacked a black woman's vehicle in the Walmart parking lot.

The car then was driven on South Boulevard, the suspect even drove on a sidewalk as police ground units and a police helicopter followed.

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The suspect then drove up and down Interstate 77. The suspect went back down to south Charlotte where he crashed out with another vehicle head on at the Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Johnston Road intersection.

The suspect then ran and tried to carjack several vehicles, but he was only able to get away with an SUV.

Once in the SUV, the male suspect drove to Fairview Road near Colony Road.

The vehicle collided into another vehicle at the intersection of South and East boulevards. The suspect then got out and surrendered.

He was arrested, his identity will be released at a later time.