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Baltimore Police Officer Keona Holley, 39, died on December 23, 2021 after being shot in the head during an ambush a week earlier in Baltimore, Maryland. Keona was a mother of four kids.

Cop Shot in the head

Keona Holley

On December 16, 2021 Keona was working overtime duty in a violent area. She was sitting in her patrol car when she was suddenly shot in the head twice. Nearby officers rushed to the scene.

Keona was taken to the hospital and was eventually placed on life support in the Shock Trauma Center of the hospital. Keona's health deteriorated for several days. The decision was finally made to take Keona off of life support.  

Keona joined the police department in December 2019. 

 Travon Shaw, 32, and Elliot Knox, 31, were charged with Keona's murder. 

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Cops get killed all the time, it is a very violent and dangerous job. 


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