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The Popeyes restaurant located at 3318 Wilkinson Blvd Charlotte, NC scored an 88 B on a health safety inspection. The inspection was on November 7, 2022. The inspector observed a pattern of non compliance and a failure of the manager to ensure employees are complying with the food code.

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A Popeyes employee reported to work for a shift without washing her hands before handling foods.

Another Popeyes employee was seen touching his nose and then handling food without washing his hands. 

There were no paper towels at 2 hand sinks in the kitchen and women's bathroom. There was a buildup in the ice machine.

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Watch video of four women getting into a fight with Popeyes employees at the drive thru.

Coleslaw and 24 large pans of chicken were cold holding at unsafe temperatures above 41F, the chicken and coleslaw were thrown away at the inspector's orders.

Several flying insects were in the dry storage area of the Popeyes restaurant. 

A spray bottle of bathroom cleaner was stored directly above single service to-go containers. The microwave had large amounts of food debris on the inside, it needed cleaning.