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It is not the best time for the Sunrise Restaurant to get a poor 88.50 B health score during a deadly Coronavirus.

On June 22, 2020 the Sunrise Restaurant located at 8923 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC scored a 88.50 B on a health inspection in the heart of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sunrise Restaurant employees were observed touching or moving their face masks and then proceeded to prepare food without washing their hands. An employee was seen cracking eggs with gloved hands and then proceeding to plate foods and contaminate other items without washing hands. The inspector ordered the food to be thrown away and the plates to be washed.

There were multiple stacked pans and fryer baskets deemed clean observed with residue and food debris. During the inspection there were clean drinking cups observed beside a hand sink with no effective splash guard or barrier.

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Raw shrimp, shell eggs, shredded cheese, hash browns, raw flounder, and multiple other foods were observed cold holding at a temperature above 41F; foods like that are suppose to be at a temperature below 41F.

Shell eggs were seen on the prep counter with no time stamp. The inspector had the eggs discarded. There were several pans and other dishes being stacked together wet; dishes are suppose to be dry during stacking to prevent mold and mildew.

The gaskets and sides of equipment were dirty and heavily soiled.