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23-year-old Asherey Ryan was killed in a chaotic high speed crash on August 4, 2022 in Los Angeles. Asherey was several months pregnant, her unborn baby died too. Also among the dead are her 11-month-old son Alonzo, and her fiance Reynold Lester. 2 other people in separate vehicles died also.

Asherey Ryan

Asherey Ryan

37-year-old Nicole Lorraine Linton is facing vehicular manslaughter charges in connection with the wreck that killed Reynold, Asherey, her babies and others.

Baby Alonzo was just one week away from his first birthday.

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Nicole was driving a Mercedes Benz vehicle, Nicole ripped through an intersection at over 100 mph. The Mercedes then collided with several other vehicles, causing an instant explosion.

Asherey, Reynold, baby Alonzo, and Asherey's unborn baby were in one of the vehicles that was hit, they all died on scene. 2 other people died on scene too.

Nicole however did not die, she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.