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On December 27, 2020 President Donald Trump signed the $2.3 trillion bill into law that affects the Coronavirus relief and government funding. $1.4 trillion of the money will go to government funding and prevent a government shutdown.

The rest of the money around $800 billion will go towards Coronavirus relief. $600 is now on the way to every American, as early as next week. Also $300 a week in federal unemployment will go to qualified Americans.

President Trump recently said he would not sign the bill unless $2,000 be sent to every American and that money in foreign aid be adjusted. President Trump originally called the stimulus bill a “disgrace” and indicated he would refuse to sign the bill unless Congress gave in to his demands to cut “unnecessary” spending.

It is unclear what made the president change his mind. Trump has been vacationing at Mar-A-Lago in South Florida all weekend. If President Trump didn't sign the bill then the United States government would have shut down on Tuesday December 29, 2020.

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