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Jail is horrible, that is apparent, many people avoid going to jail at all costs. The ladies and gentlemen seen in these photos were arrested for alleged offenses; and they look better than most inmates that come into the jail. 

Untitled PRETTY

We aren't saying that the pictured are super model material, but they are way better looking than the common criminal that's in and out of jail.

People land in jail for various reasons. Some go through the long tedious process of trial, some plead guilty, and some are truly innocent. Nevertheless jail is a place you do not want to be.

Coronavirus pandemic restrictions have made jail even more intolerable. Imagine eating terrible jail food in the middle of a pandemic. 

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Imagine having to breathe in jail air in the middle of a pandemic. And to top it all off, imagine taking a shower in jail during the COVID pandemic.   

Once someone is arrested they are taken to the jail central location in center city for processing. That is where they are finger printed, identified, and get their infamous mugshots taken. 

See other pretty arrest photos.  

And here are a few more good looking people that got arrested. 

The list goes on with the nice mugshots.

There are some people that get arrested that actually look decent.