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Jail is not the best place to be. Some people find themselves in jail over and over again-- while jail is just a one time thing for other people. Nevertheless, pretty and handsome people find themselves in jail at times.


The men and women on this list may classify as pretty to some and handsome to others. They were all arrested for alleged offenses.

The conditions in jail are not that of a 5 star hotel. A lot of people would rather starve than eat jail food, everyone knows it is nasty. The bed mattresses are thin and are far from being foot thick memory foam. Some jails have concrete floors and cinder block walls, which is not the most glamorous sight to see.

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Some jails are broken down from A block to D block, while others are broken down into pods. If you ever find yourself in jail, do what it takes to do the right thing so you don't end up back there!