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Three Charlotte, NC women were arrested for prostitution on Oct. 4, 2018. Minsuk Kim, 35, Rhonetta Johnson, 37, and Caroline Smith, 31, were all arrested in a undercover sting by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department also known as CMPD.

It all started at an Asian massage parlor that Minsuk "worked" at.

Due to complaints of prostitution CMPD Vice & Narcotics opened up an investigation on the VIP Spa located at 10809 Southern Loop Blvd. Charlotte, NC.

On Thursday October 4, 2018 undercover VICE officer J. Buehler was able to receive a massage by Minsuk, who of-course didn't have a massage license. Minsuk did not waste time in getting to the point because seconds into the massage Minsuk offered oral sex and regular sex to the undercover in exchange for money.

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During the massage Minsuk massaged the undercover officer's back side and attempted to massage the officer's private parts-- he immediately stopped her and ended the massage.

The defendant was arrested for prostitution.

It gets worse, on the same night Vice officers also swarmed the Continental Inn on 1100 West Sugar Creek Rd. where they found Rhonetta Johnson. She agreed to have sex with a undercover officer for $35. Rhonetta made a spontaneous utterance that she had a crack pipe. Officers then arrested her and during a search found the mentioned pipe in her bag.

Caroline Smith, 31, was also arrested for prostitution on October 4th.