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Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurants are very popular in the United States of America. Well, the Qdoba Mexican Grill at 3321 Siskey Parkway Matthews, NC received a terrible 87.50 health score on November 20, 2019.

During the inspection a Qdoba employee was seen touching a garbage can and then handling clean single-service articles without washing hands.

A food employee was also observed handling a soiled cloth and then handling a clean single-service food wrap without washing hands. The health inspector instructed the Qdoba staff on the importance of washing their hands when they get contaminated.

A vegetable slicer was stored as clean but was dirty and soiled with food debris.

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The cheese, salsas, and cut tomatoes were stored at improper temperatures between 56-61 degrees F. The listed foods were supposed to be stored at colder temperatures of 41 degrees Fahrenheit or less. The inspector saw to it that the food was thrown away.

There were no disposable towels available in the men's restroom or dispensing at hand washing sink in the kitchen.

The inspector observed single-service cups stacked at front counter with lip contact area exposed/unprotected. There was food debris/particles accumulating on the dining area floor, benches, and tables.