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The Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurant located at 8200 Providence Road Charlotte, NC did terrible on a food health safety inspection on July 1, 2021. Their score was an 87.50 B.

The Qdoba Mexican Grill had contaminated food 

The Qdoba Mexican Grill had contaminated food 

Food safety is very important, and there is no room for food contamination when people are paying money to eat food and feeding it to their kids. The Qdoba Mexican Grill had several food items that were contaminated.

There was a significant leak in the walk-in cooler which resulted in contamination of several food items in the walk-in cooler. All food items with evidence of water and contamination were discarded. 

The Qdoba Mexican Grill facility had to close due to the leak and the potential for further food contamination spread. The Qdoba Mexican Grill will not reopen until a proper repair has been made to stop the leak.

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The leak was in the ceiling at the seam, behind the light fixture. The leak resulted in pooling gray water in the walk-in cooler, contamination of food items, and contaminated water being spread throughout the Qdoba Mexican Grill. 

There was no manager during the beginning of the health safety inspection. The manager arrived halfway through the inspection, which is a violation. 

There was no one in the restaurant at the time of the inspection that had certified food protection manager certification.

During the inspection employee drinks were stored on the prep top next to the serving lines.

The chicken was hot holding at a in violation temperature of 122F in the hot box. State law mandates that foods in hot holding must be at 135F or above. 

The inspector observed the ceiling of the walk-in cooler and walk-in cooler fans with significant dust build up.