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Kids having a good clean school to go to is of the utmost importance. Rama Road Elementary School got a health inspection score of 81.50 on the first day of school, which was August 26, 2019. The school is located at 1035 Rama Road Charlotte, NC.

The school had mice droppings under a sink cabinet.

There was also water backing up from the floor drains in some of the restrooms. Restrooms were out of order. A plumber had to be called on site. The water supply at schools are suppose to be located, constructed, maintained, and operated in a appropriate manner.

There was microbial growth on the ceiling in 3 rooms at Rama Road Elementary School. There were also holes in the ceiling in a room. An inspector noticed wallpaper peeling in a room designated for boys.

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There were stained ceiling tiles in several classes on each hall, media center, and in hallways. The inspector observed a chipped floor tile. There was also paint chipping on the walls in room 4. There was a negative lead check swab.

Mallard Creek Elementary School received a 88 health score earlier this year.