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On November 14, 2021 the rapper Da-Baby whose real name is Jonathan Kirk called the police on the mother of one of his children Danielle Curiel. Daniele is a singer whose stage name is DaniLeigh. The alleged assault occured at a luxury residence on East Stonewall Street Charlotte, NC.

Jonathan Kirk (AKA: DaBaby) 

Jonathan Kirk (AKA: DaBaby) 

DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been living together for a few months with their daughter. On November 14, 2021 around 11:45 p.m. Dababy called the police on DaniLeigh to report an assualt. Officers arrived to the luxury location in uptown Charlotte and told the rapper to go to the magistrate to pursue charges. 

Watch video of DaBaby in court, after he was accused of robbing and beating a promoter over $10,000 in Florida.

It appears that Dababy did not go to the magistrate at that moment. Several hours later on the morning of November 15, 2021 Dababy called police again to the same luxury location to report that he was allegedly assualted again by DaniLeigh. 

Police conducted an investigation and DaniLeigh was served with a criminal summons for simple assault. 

DaBaby's brother was shot and killed in a 2020 suicide.  

However, further investigation led police to file a second charge of assualt on DaniLeigh. She is now facing two counts of simple assault. DaBaby was never arrested in the alleged encounter.

A man was shot and killed at a Walmart during an altercation with DaBaby in Huntersville, NC. 

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DaBaby was arrested in Beverly Hills, California over a gun charge. 

DaBaby got into a fight with rapper Cam Cold Heart at the luxury Louis Vuitton store at South Park Mall in Charlotte, NC.   

Cam Cold Heart died in 2021 from cocaine and fentanyl toxicity.