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None of the men involved were arrested in the altercation. But rapper Cam Coldheart walked away from the fight with his pants down and his face bloody.

On May 25, 2019 at the luxury Louis Vuitton store in South Park mall Charlotte, NC, an alleged physical altercation took place between popular rappers 'Da Baby' and 'Cam Coldheart'. 'Da Baby's' real name is Jonathan Kirk, 27, and 'Cam Coldheart's' real name is Cameron Henegan, 31.

On video 'Cam Coldheart' is heard calling 'Da Baby' a bitch multiple times. 'Da Baby' appears to be taking off accessories to proceed with a fight. 'Da Baby' then approaches 'Cam Coldheart', who then appears to launch a punch at 'Da Baby'.

The two rappers appear to be in a physical scuffle. The video is stopped and jump cuts to "Cam Coldheart' on the floor with his pants down and his face bleeding.

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It is unclear if 'Da Baby' actually proceeded with the fight all by himself, because he does travel with a security detail. In a separate video 'Cam Coldheart' claims he was blind sided and beat by two people.

In a video after the altercation, 'Da Baby' is heard saying "N_____s love to play with me."

'Da Baby' had his charges dropped after a man was killed in a Wal-mart during a fight with the rapper.