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Local Charlotte rapper DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk was involved in the fatal Walmart shooting of 19-year-old Jalyn Craig on Nov. 5, 2018. The shooting caused panic throughout the store and sent customers running and hiding. A few illicit shoppers may have even gotten away with a few "free" items.

"Dababy's" charges are now dismissed after a key witness suddenly became unavailable.

On the night of the shooting a fight occurred in the Walmart on Bryton Town Center Drive, Huntersville, NC. A gun was pulled and pointed at "Dababy" who then pulled out his own gun and defended himself. "DaBaby" has confirmed in a video that he was involved in the fatal shooting of Jalyn.

"Dababy" claims that someone tried to take his life in the Walmart. Some accounts indicate that men were trying to rob "Dababy" of his bling jewelry.

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10 days after the shooting "Dababy" was arrested for carrying a concealed gun; that charge was dismissed. "Dababy" was never charged with any other offenses involving the shooting death.