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On November 17, 2021 the 36-year-old rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed in a wild shooting in Memphis, Tennessee. The shooting was in the afternoon at a cookie store. His real name is Adolph Thornton.

Young Dolph, Adolph Thornton

Young Dolph, Adolph Thornton

Young Dolph arrived at the cookie store in his late model Lamborghini. He walked into the store to buy cookies, it was then that a suspect vehicle drove up and shot Young Dolph, killing him. The car then sped off. 

Paramedics arrived and Young Dolph was pronounced dead on site. Barricades have been set up around the murder scene. 

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Young Dolph was known to give away free turkeys during the Thanksgiving season. 

In 2017 Young Dolph was shot at 100 times at once during the CIAA basketball tournament in Charlotte, NC. Young Dolph was in his bullet proof luxury van during the shooting, and he was not shot or hurt.