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Young Dolph, 36, (Adolph Thornton) was gunned down at a cookie shop in Memphis, Tennessee on November 17, 2021. Now 2 unidentified men are wanted for the rapper's murder.

Young Dolph, 36, (Adolph Thornton)

Young Dolph, 36, (Adolph Thornton)

Two men got out of a silver vehicle and ran to the rapper, one suspect had a pistol and the other suspect had an AK-47 gun. Both of the suspects fired several shots at Young Dolph, the rapper fell to the floor. 

The suspects fled away in the silver vehicle. Young Dolph was pronounced dead on scene. 

See the photos below of Young Dolph's murder in progress. 

In 2017 Young Dolph was shot at 100 times at once during the CIAA basketball tournament in Charlotte, NC. Young Dolph was in his bullet proof luxury van during the shooting, and he was not shot or hurt. 

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 Later in 2017 Young Dolph was shot multiple times in Los Angeles. Young Dolph would go on to create a musical composition titled 'Bullet Proof'.  

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