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Thousands of people across America have began protesting the murder of George Floyd, he was killed by a white cop in Minneapolis during an arrest. The white cop is identified as Officer Derek Chauvin. Derek put his knee on George's neck during the arrest, which caused George to die from his airways being cut off. George repeadeltly stated that he could not breathe due to Derek's knee being on George's neck.

There have been non-stop protests in Charlotte, NC. On May 31, 2020 the protests turned into riots. Several police officers were injured. Rioters threw firework explosives at officers. One explosive was thrown and exploded directly in a officer's face. The blast sent the officer to the hospital.

CMPD’s Civil Emergency Unit gave multiple orders for the crowds to disperse. The deployment of flash bang grenades and tear gas shot out by cops. Several shots were fired by rioters too. In total, six protesters were arrested on firearms charges throughout the course of the riots.

Rioters threw rocks, explosives and other items at officers, at police property, and into community businesses.  

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Explosives were also thrown into businesses with the intention to set fires which required extinguishing. Rioters began shooting their weapons at businesses. Officers found numerous projectiles and shell casings inside the Panera Bread Restaurant and BB&T Bank. 

Several other businesses such as Kings Kitchen and Discovery Place also incurred extensive damage from the violent actions of the protesters. Rioters also threw rocks at a Charlotte Fire Department truck that was responding to provide emergency assistance to someone who had fallen into a manhole.