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An Asian themed buffet known as the River Buffet & Grill on 8215 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC got a horrible inspection score of 88. The inspection was on October 14, 2019.

A China Buffet got a disgusting 87 score after an employee was seen working with an open wound on their arm, and an employee tasted soup with their bare hands and then made food without washing hands.

But back to River Buffet & Grill, lets start with the employee drinks that were stored commingled with customer food. That is nasty!

A dish hand sink without hot water in working order was discovered during the inspection. The mixing valve had to be turned on for hot water, and it was not turned on until the inspector said something about it. Hot water is the backbone for thorough cleaning.

There were knives observed hung up on a clean utensil holder with food debris.

Raw shell eggs stored were on top of cut veggies in the flip top unit.

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Two ice machines had a significant build up. The outside of the soda fountain equipment also had a significant build up. Also the inside of the soda nozzles were dirty and needed to be cleaned. Equipment throughout the kitchen area was in need of cleaning.

The inspection noted unwashed produce stored over cut/washed produce in the walk-in cooler.

Cream cheese was forced to be discarded due to improper temperatures. The cream cheese at River Buffet was 46F in the sushi prep unit, the proper temperature should of been 41F. Foods can spoil, rot, and cross contaminate when not at proper temperatures.

All of the food that was out on the buffet lines (sushi, hibachi, and hot/cold foods) all had no time stamps. 

The Pho Real Vietnamese restaurant earned a 87 inspection score in September 2019.

The Sante Fe Mexican restaurant received a 76.50 health score in July 2019.