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The La Unica Supercenter performed horrible during a food safety inspection, scoring an 81 B. The La Unica Supercenter even had a roach in the utensil basket. Utensils are silverware, and people eat with them and cook with them.

The La Unica Supercenter has a restaurant inside the establishment and is located at 5323 East Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC. The health and safety inspection was on September 29, 2020. No employees present at the time of the inspection had certified food protection certification. There were multiple dirty containers and bowls observed with food debris that were deemed clean by the manager. The inspector had the dishes rewashed.

All three hand sinks in the kitchen had no paper towels or drying method. Cooked beef was being held at an unsafe temperature and had to be discarded. Several foods in the walk-in cooler were observed with no date markings.

There were dirty wiping cloths on the counter. Bowls and pans were being stacked together wet; that practice can cause mold and mildew.

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The cutting boards were heavily scratched and were in need of resurfacing and replacing.